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Accounting calc / spreadsheet Description:

Breakthrough application: Calculator or spreadsheet, you decide...
«It is a great android business app that enables you to take advantage of both a calculator as well as a spreadsheet.»
█▒░ WHAT FOR ?
• sum of many numbers (one per line)
• recalculate after editing any item of the virtual tape (history)
• on every row, add a tax (sales tax,vat, iva) or a discount
• as in a spreadsheet, use a previous result in a new formula (links)
• convert the totals in 150 currencies using updated exchange rate
• share your calculations (native, Excel, PDF) or turn them into quotation or invoice!
This (free) version contains discreet advertising but is operational except saving data, converting into quotation in PDF format or import/export to Excel (test only).
█▒░ FOR WHOM ?
Sales professionals, (salesman, business manager and dealers):
negotiate your purchases or produce an estimate or a quotation.
Business leaders, chief executives, accountant or traders:
as with a spreadsheet, simulate a cost price, or an estimated budget.
Service providers, craftspeople, self-employed or organizers of shows:
instantly produce on the ground, estimates, quotation or invoice.
Individuals, active or retired:
• you can add a long list of numbers (banks, salary, government, retirement, 401/k plan or income tax)
• manage your expenses or purchases during the sales period with multiple discounts
(3 * 15 - 20% - 10% = 32.40)
• check prices or giving change while traveling abroad.
Architects, landscaper, professionals of building or real estate (masons, painters or carpenters):
perform easily field measurements (volume and area calculations)
Intendant, steward, paymaster, bursar or commissary : with Calc 1, replace your desktop calculator, manage a stock or do an inventory.
╟── Free (this version)
• Additions (Accounting)
• modification of history
• use a result in an other row (links)
• currency converter (150 currencies)
• adding discounts or taxes (sales tax,vat, iva) manual or automatic
• rounding value of the total incl. taxes
• successive taxes or discounts
• can enter variables with [M=] key
• three columns : debit, credit and variables
• powers, roots and fractions in exponential notation
• share copy in PDF format
• offered : "Tip calculation"
• energy-saving (black and white theme)
• no connection required
• memory
• demo of specifics functions of Medium and Full versions with support of South East Asia language, right to left (RTL) and localized oriental-arabic digits for PDF quotations.
─╫─ Medium (Business commercial calculator)
♦ All features of the free version
+ no contains ADS
+ save, backup and restore calculations
+ import from Excel spreadsheet 97 - 2003 (xls)
+ giving change multi-currency.
──╢Full (Calculator quotation business)
♦ All features of medium version
+ share quotations in PDF format
+ export to Excel spreadsheet 97-2003 (xls).
• Adding:
• Modification, debit, currency:
• Parentheses and links:
• Sub-total, discount, tax and copy PDF:
• Quotation:

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Accounting calc / spreadsheet Require:

Require Android 4.1 and up

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