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CloseTheSale (New Version) Description:

GRANT CARDONE is an international sales expert and NY Times Best Selling Author. CloseTheSale was designed to give sales professionals quick access to exactly what it takes to close better educated buyers in this new economy.
This is not a game nor is it some scheduling application but a list of every sales objections and multiple closes that are proven to work with today's buyer. Every situation from, "I need to think about it", to "price", "affordability", "budget", "third parties", "terms", "payments", "down payment", "difference", "the economy", "never make rash decisions" and every conceivable stall you will ever hear is covered here. This is not an app for anyone that is looking for a how to schedule clients, a to do list, this is an app that will make you a Master negotiator and closer.
The closes are broken down into 12 specific categories exactly as the objections come to you so that you can easily pull up the appropriate close for the exact situation.
Down Payment
Too Much Money
If you're in the sales profession, are a sales manager, negotiate contracts of any kind, your ability to get your job done relies on your ability to get the deal closed. This app is a must-have that will help give you the confidence to know that you can handle any customer in any situation and close the deal. Grant Cardone has helped 100's of thousands of sales people close deals that they would not have ever gotten without this material. This is NOT a bunch of old closes that you have heard before but new information on what works today!

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CloseTheSale (New Version) Require:

Require Android 2.2 and up

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