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Stub Avenue Check-in Description:

Manage entry for your events with Stub Avenue Check-in.
A robust, secure and efficient check-in app for event ticket barcode scanning. Use your Android devices in-app camera to scan ticketed guests. Includes touch search and admission technology for non-ticketed guest lists.
- Scan all popular barcode types - QR codes, PDF417 and more!
- Fast event download and check-in speeds, no matter how large the event!
- Ability to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes.
- Search by barcode - or if the ticket is damaged search by customer details.
- Detect duplicate (fake) tickets - Includes an audible failure sound and visual alert with displayed check-in timestamp of original ticket.
- Group purchase ticket scanning - Scan a single group purchase ticket barcode and quickly tap in any additional group guests using the Plus 1's feature.
- Live syncing across multiple entry points - Real time syncing ensures all your smart devices stay in sync (a local WiFi or 3G / 4G connection required)
- Offline mode - Continue scanning and saving your attendee data even if you lose or have no internet connection.
- Black Listing - Ability to block a guest's admittance. Once scanned, a blocked guest will be displayed in red, accompanied by a pop-up text alert.
- Real time Statistics - One touch attendee statistics for total in-venue and filtered by guest type / attendee group. Includes charts, in-venue / outstanding totals and percentages.
- Tallies - Create tally lists such as 'Walkup sales' and 'Concessions' to get true in-venue totals.
- Team notifications - Notify all of your team members or individual team members with instant messaging.
- Restrictions - Restrict what you team members can do, such as adding guests / viewing statistics.
- Partial name search - quickly list results based on each letter you enter.
- Search by initials - simply tap in a guests initials for a short list of guest name results.
- Search by last name first - search and list results based on surname first.
- Search by email - find a guest by entering their email.
- Search by Additional information - short list guest results by searching their additional information.
- Adding guests on the fly - Add guests from anywhere via your smartphone, tablet or computer.
- Plus 1's - check-in a guest's plus 1's without them being present.
- Smart tagging and list filtering - Flexible guest tagging and filtering allows you to handle any type of guest check-in criteria. Such as events, sessions, accreditation and attendee grouping.
- Watch List - Ability to block guest entry. Once scanned, a blocked guest will be displayed in red accompanied by a pop up text alert.
- Pull to refresh
BESPOKE APP SETTINGS - Set up check-in the way you like it via a comprehensive list of settings including:
- Search by last name / first name
- Search by additional information + email
- many more ways to customize your experience
ATTENDEE REPORTING - Produce in-depth attendee statistics and queue flow charts at the touch of a button.
Note: To use this app you will need to be a registered ticket seller with at

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Stub Avenue Check-in Require:

Require Android 4.2 and up

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