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TripLog 2.0 Mileage Tracker

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TripLog 2.0 Mileage Tracker Description:

★★★★★ Most popular GPS mileage tracking app with over 1 million total downloads. Featured on Forbes, CNN, Inc, PCWorld and many others
★★★★★ Detect device movement and automatically track mileage with MagicTrip™, or Auto Start when connected to a Power Source or Bluetooth, or on a set timeframe
★★★★★ The only mileage app that reads your vehicle’s odometer from OBD-II scan tools (optional)
★★★★★ Sync data in real-time to TripLog Web and manage the entire fleet at
★★★★★ Integrate with QuickBooks™, Concur™, and Google Wear Watch
★★★★★ Most comprehensive reports compliant to IRS Tax returns
★★★★★ Trucker support with IFTA fuel tax report and DEF fuel
★★★★★ Support offline mode. Great for old Android devices only with WiFi.
★★★★★ App and Web Service for corporate mileage expense reimbursement programs
• The most accurate app to track vehicle mileage and locations using GPS. Personalize and capture trips with automated, semi-automated or manual setting
• MagicTrip™ automatically detects device movement and tracks mileage. It will start a trip when moving at 3 mph on average for 1 minute. Then trip stops after not moving for 10 minutes (configurable). Turn off GPS when idle to save battery
• Auto Start when plugged into power or connected to a Bluetooth device and driving more than 5 mph. Or, you can have the app auto start on a set timeframe. TripLog automatically stops the trip when the vehicle stops and/or device is disconnected
• Sync data between the web service and multiple mobile devices
• Fleet and mileage approval management on the web service. Great for mobile sales teams
• Record actual driving routes and view them on Google Maps
• Three home screen WIDGETS that allow you to start, stop, or pause GPS Tracking with one click (while monitoring trip statistics as well)
• Commercial Truck support (scale, lumpers, per diem allowance, state-by-state mileage for IFTA fuel tax reports, and track DEF fuel purchases and gas mileage)
• Read your vehicle’s odometer from OBD-II scan tools (optional)
• IRS compliant HTML and CSV tax return reports and built-in 2016 mileage rates
• Capture expense receipt photos and upload to the Cloud
• Supports all kinds of business expense types for bookkeeping
• Turn regular expenses into scheduled reminders with time and mileage intervals
• Calculate fuel economy (MPG, L/100km, or KM/L)
• Mark locations as tollbooths and automatically apply tolls to trips that pass through them
• Customize locations and assign tax category to it. Show vehicle last parked location
• Backup to your device, email or cloud (powered by Amazon S3, not associated with your personal Amazon account). Automatic daily backup available
• Backup data can be transferred to TripLog for iOS through the cloud
• Import locations from your phone’s Contacts and Google Maps via the “Share” option
• Supports multiple vehicles, multiple tax categories (business, medical, charity, etc.) and multiple business entities
• Supports units of measure, date format, and currencies in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, as well as 20 more countries
• 30-day Free Trial
Enterprise administrators are encouraged to contact us for best practices implementation.
• User Guide
Excellent customer support. If you have any questions, please send us an email. We will reply to all customer emails within 24 hours.
Please note - we are unable to reach you if you only leave review comments in the Play Store.

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TripLog 2.0 Mileage Tracker Require:

Require Android 4.0.3 and up

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