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Veterinary Software Description:

★ Every profession requires proper management in order to run successfully and impart quality and on time services and products and veterinary profession is no exception. Irrespective on whatever scale a vet practices on Veterinary software offers premium features that enables client information, accounting, records and schedules to be managed efficiently. Whether the software is required to be used in an office comprising of several veterinarian experts or a clinic of a single doctor, veterinary software serves as the ultimate software to control, record and manage all related information and appointments associated to patients. The software is equally effective for mobile and equine veterinary practices as well.
★ Veterinary software’s speedy, easy and simple menu offers the best user interface experience through a menu comprising of four icons of Veterinarians, Clients, Reports and Scheduler.
★ The Veterinarian section holds all information regarding every veterinarian in a facility, offering a full profile of each expert. Through this section any veterinarian can be searched and information regarding his or her patients, appointments and other records can be accessed. A complete list of customers and their contact details can also be obtained.
★ The Clients section similarly holds the complete profile and history of every client (animals in this case) along with their owners address, phone number, email and other contact details. The option of making a direct call to any clients from the software is also present.
★ Additionally, photos of both clients and veterinarians can also be saved in the program alongside other recorded information.
★ The Reports section holds all related information and reports pertaining to a client, including last visits, future appointments, any particular findings, etc. This section helps in referring to a client’s past history and accordingly a future course can be chosen.
★ The Scheduler section appears in form of a calendar which shows daily appointments and earnings of the day. New appointments can be easily made viewing this scheduler and the complete record and data of a particular date including job details, earnings and appointments can be viewed through selecting a particular date from the scheduler calendar. All in veterinary software in one comprehensive solution to all management problems a veterinary center may have.

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Veterinary Software Require:

Require Android 2.3.3 and up

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